Ordering & Information

Below are the most common steps that customers can expect in the process when ordering furniture from Bob.

Step 1

Start a conversation

Start a conversation with Bob to discuss what you’re looking for. Contact Bob by phone, email or simply send a message here.

Items to consider may include:

  • Preferred woods
  • Expected due dates
  • Cost/budget

Step 2

Plan your furniture

Through discussion with Bob, you will plan and perfect your furniture. You may know exactly what you want, or you can ask Bob to create something for you. Details to consider may include:

  • What is the size of the area where your furniture will be?
  • What is the best size to make the furniture to fit the available area? (This may require you to do some measuring.)
  • What is the function of this furniture?
  • What you want the furniture to look like?
  • Will the furniture fit in with its’ surroundings?
  • How best to deliver the furniture?

Step 3

Review your furniture

Drawing: With the information from your discussion, Bob will create a hand drawing (scaled) for you to review. From this drawing and the details discussed in your conversation, you can confirm details of your furniture. Once you agree on the details, Bob can begin building.

Finish samples. Your project may require you to review your furniture’s finish, i.e. treatment of the wood—be it painted, stained, varnished, limed, etc.. In this instance, a finish sample is sent for your review. Each project includes the option for up to 2 finish samples, if applicable.

Step 4

Scheduling & Delivery

You’ll receive a date when you can expect to see your furniture. Bob has a 100% success rate of staying on schedule, however, please understand time is needed to build and finish fine furniture.

Your furniture can be delivered in several ways. Delivery method will be agreed upon at the beginning of the project.

Service & Expertise


Not sure what you want? Having trouble picturing a solution? Let Bob take your ideas and bring them to fruition.


With a deep understanding of style, proportion, and functionality, Bob’s furniture has proven to stand the test of time.


Bob creates each piece using traditional hand techniques that ensure a level of quality which will last for generations.


With 35+ years of experience making finely crafted furniture, you can rely on the knowledge Bob has gained during his long career.